New in store: 3 handcolored reprints

I’ve just added 3 handcolored reprints to my Trois Roses et Demi store on Etsy: Love, Faith and Charity.


These are reprints of my original pen drawings and are unique pieces.
They come with a certificate of authenticity and shipping is free.

With love, Christina

2016-09-charity-handcolored 2016-09-faith-handcolored 2016-09-love-handcolored


















If you prefer black & white art, you may want to check out these:


Caminhos Revividos – Revived Memories by Paulo Coelho & Christina Oiticica

TRD037-01Caminhos Revividos – Revived Memories – by Paulo Coelho & Christina Oiticica.

This unique project combines facsimile texts by Paulo Coelho, taken from his books and essays with illustrations by Christina Oiticica – Now available on Etsy

Caminhos Revividos is a collection of 40 printing boards with facsimiles of manuscripts by author Paulo Coelho, illustrated by artist Christina Oiticica. It was reproduced by hand using lithography and serigraphy techniques in a limited edition of only 200 books, each book numbered and signed by the author and each illustration by the artist.


  • TRD037-02Handmade box, covered with a satin fabric with handwritten text in silver;
  • Box contains: 40 printing boards with manuscript facsimile texts by Paulo Coelho, taken from his books and essays;
  • 40 illustrations by Christina Oiticica;
  • Paper used: Rives Tradittion, 250 g, color white;
  • Size: 50×35 cm (open 50×70 cm).
  • Language: Portuguese

The project took almost 2 years to finish, starting in March 2003 and printing completed in February 2005.

Editing and printing was done by Lithos Edições de Arte Ltda., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Free shipping worldwide.

Warrior of the Light pendant: now with free gift

The Warrior of the Light symbol was originally designed by Christina Oiticica as the logo for the Paulo Coelho institute in Rio de Janeiro. Due to its power image her husband, author Paulo Coelho, adopted it for his website. It has now become known as the symbol for the Warrior of the Light, which appears in many of Coelho’s texts and publications.

The symbol is available as a sterling silver/leather cord pendant necklace in the Trois Roses et Demi online store. Your gift with purchase: a book, autographed by Paulo Coelho. WOL_FreeGiftWithPurchase

Christina Oiticica and Paulo Coelho - 2012

Christina Oiticica and Paulo Coelho – 2012

Original Ink Drawings by Christina Oiticica

New in the Trois Roses et Demi Etsy store: three original ink drawings by Christina Oiticica: Joy, Faith and Charity.


These one-of-a-kind original drawings, which are sold ready-framed, were made by Christina in 2011. Although different in style then her paintings, these drawings also contain the symbols that are so often present in Christina’s works: butterflies, roses, hearts.
They each measure 46×61 cm/18.1×24″ unframed and 53×73 cm/29.0×28.7″ framed.



Joy, Faith & Charity: inspiration for your wall

Spring is here … and so are Christina’s Butterflies


Butterflies have been an important symbol for Christina Oiticica ever since she met her guardian angel in the form of a blue butterfly while traveling in the Mojave Desert. She and her husband, the author Paulo Coelho, even had a butterfly tattooed on their arms in guise of wedding bands.

Last year, Christina painted a series of three butterflies, the Blue Butterfly (Borboleta Azul), the Red Butterfly (Borboleta Vermelha) and the Gold Butterfly (Borboleta Dourada), which were presented to the public in the exhibition “Terra” at Galerie Espace_L in Geneva.

The Butterflies are now available in the Trois Roses et Demi Etsy store, either as individual photo prints or as a set of three (which will save you money compared to purchasing the individual prints):


Blue Butterfly/Borboleta Azul by Christina Oiticica


Red Butterfly/Borboleta Vermelha by Christina Oiticica


Gold Butterfly/Borboleta Dourada



The story behind … the Warrior of Light symbol

2015-02-06_WOLThe Warrior of Light is the symbol that was designed by Christina Oiticica to be used as logo for the Paulo Coelho Institute in Rio de Janeiro. The idea for the logo came to Christina when she had a dream of great flapping wings protecting the earth and all humans. When she woke up, she realized that the dream had been about Saint Michael, the Archangel, who is often depicted as an angelic warrior, armed with sword and shield. The logo is the artist’s interpretation of this sword and shield and represents both strength (the sword) and protection (the shield). The logo, due to its power, was adopted by Paulo Coelho on his official site and is now representing the image of the Warrior of Light, which appears in many of his online texts and publications.

Trois Roses et Demi has several jewellery items with the Warrior of Light symbol: a silver pendant necklace and the recently added silver and onyx statement bracelet and a pink gold version of the pendant. The latter 2 are made to order.


Warrior of Light statement bracelet in silver and onyx

This gorgeous bracelet features the Warrior of Light symbol over a onyx stone set in silver. It is simple yet makes a statement and will be a beautiful finishing touch for your outfits. You can look forward to receive many compliments with this bracelet wrapped around your wrist!

It is made to order only through the Trois Roses et Demi Etsy store.

TRD-0010 Bracelet WOL-1 TRD-0010 Bracelet WOL-2 TRD-0010 Bracelet WOL-3